Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Definitely Not Bored

Remember when I wrote about being bored?

Well now that the holidays are over I'm completely pressed for time. This has been an unusual week so we've been out everyday since Saturday and will continue to go out everyday until Sunday. Lorna is spending every morning riding 2 horses at her instructor's facilities and then she comes home and rides Ginger. We are trading in our 2 horse trailer for a 3 horse trailer so this morning was spent at the bank signing paperwork. We are upgrading our horse fence in Sierra's pen while she is staying at the trainer's facilities so that has required lots of physical labor and some shopping at the feed store. Our Sweet Adeline's chorus has a retreat and coaching this weekend but we are only going on Friday because Saturday is taken up with a gymkhana show where Lorna will be riding 2 horses. Paul's car key is stuck in the iginition and won't come out. And I really need to finish the chicken coop. Somewhere in there I'm finding time to cook and do school although I haven't had enough time to make bread or clean. I no longer have time to be bored!

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