Saturday, August 18, 2007

Activity envy

I keep reading emails that talk about how busy everyone has been this summer. They talk about all these trips they've made, visitors they've had, activities, and fairs. They say they can't wait for stuff to go back to normal. All I keep thinking is that I wish I had that problem!

We've had a very boring summer. There has been no packing or unpacking since we are not moving this year. We haven't had tons of visitors, no trips, no VBS, and the fair isn't till next month. None of our kids are involved in 4H because I can't find a local group so there are no projects to work on or finish up. So even if we go to the fair it will only be for the day so we can look at all the animals and crafts.

Excitement in our schedule is our twice monthly trip to the stables for Lorna's riding lessons. Yesterday I even got to have a conversation with a couple of nice grandparents that were there with their grandchildren. I don't get out much so yesterday's trip to the city was a real treat for all of us, it's been at least a month since the last time I got out like that. For those that are super busy this probably sounds like a wonderful thing, and it is nice to have enough free-time to read or sew, but sometimes I miss being busy.

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