Friday, August 03, 2007

Church dilemna

I've mentioned before that we cannot go to the local LCMS church because the teachings are not solid. We were driving the 3.5 hours to church but had to cut back for financial reasons. When Paul got the second job our hope was that it would allow us to attend church on a more regular basis but we are finding that there just isn't enough time for that kind of drive.

Paul isn't working this Sunday morning but is working Sunday night. Next week he is working Sunday morning. Neither of these scenarios works to gets us to church because of the excessively long drive and early time for the Divine Service. As much as I hate to admit it, this just isn't going to work. Which leaves us back in the same situation we were in before, where are we supposed to go to church?

I've been investigating a church that is 2 hours north of us (we've exhausted all the possibilities within an hour or so). The drive is still long but the service is later so Paul would have time to get home and get ready. We would also be home in enough time for him to take a nap if he had to work in the evenings. The difficult things is that neither of us wants to try again. We've attempted this a couple of times in the past few months only to be woefully disappointed in the teachings and practice of the churches we tried. I keep thinking there has to be a better option but I can't find one.

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