Friday, August 17, 2007

I just wanna hide

Today we spent the day out in the big city (population 330,000) with Paul as he worked. He only had a few quick things to do and I wanted to do some price shopping at the grocery store. The kids and I don't go out of our little valley very often and really don't go many other places than the post office and hardware store even when we do get out. I was honestly shocked as I watched people today.

I saw a newborn baby in a carrier with a bottle propped up in it's mouth. I just kept thinking how much the baby should be cuddled and loved as he was fed. Kids grow up so fast and to actively ignore such a little baby just broke my heart.

I saw toddlers running around unsupervised in a fast food restaurant. In and out of the bathroom and in the outside play area while their parents sat and ignored them.

I saw young girls wearing clothes that looked like they belonged on a street-walker.

I watched drivers weaving in and out of lanes not caring if there was someone in their way.

It was all enough to make me want to run home and hide!

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Karin said...

I don't remember how old your kids are but I guess when I go out now with my kids, they keep me in good humor when they see these things - the street walker clothes things - as they totally agree with me. It is hard to be out alone and feel no support. I try not to be frightened for my kids but the beauty of their growing up the way they are is that they will realize they can make choices for themselves and don't have to follow the crowd. I cry inwardly at neglected children too.....