Monday, August 06, 2007

Changing schedules

I don't think I ever really appreciated how our schedules determine our sense of time. Both Paul and I are having a hard time keeping up with what happened on which day. I guess that's what comes of Paul having a night job that starts at 10pm one day and ends at 7am the next morning.

It's taken 2 weeks but we are all starting to feel a bit more alive. Our eating schedule had to be adjusted to accommodate family dinners. We moved dinner to between 8 and 9 so Paul can still get some sleep. We are all eating smaller meals more often so we can make it to the family meal at night. Sleeping also seems to be coming easier for all of us. I've never seen someone be able to fall asleep as quickly as Paul does now. His head hits the pillow and he's completely gone in less than 60 seconds which is a necessity with the odd times that he is given to sleep.

Overall, we are adjusting and it looks like we will be able to cope with this. More importantly, it looks like Paul will be able to keep up with both jobs indefinitely and still have time to fit in all the important things like sleep.

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