Monday, August 27, 2007

More medical billing junk

This has turned from frustrating to funny.

Paul was able to get ahold of someone at the billing office who said they sent over 2 claims to the agency. Once we get a call back from them we can hopefully get everything settled there. We enquired about the bill from the X-Ray that seems not to exist. They don't have a record of it but suggested we try a different office.

Paul called and they don't have it but they do have 4 bills for other visits, 3 of which happened while we lived in CO! I think we have gotten it at least started to be worked out. It seems these 4 visits were to pediatricians and were for normal visits and immunizations. The date of birth on the claims didn't match Lorna's so it should be really easy to fix. We only see 2 specialists and have never seen pediatricians there so that should be a great indication that these aren't our claims!

It makes me wonder how come no one ever noticed the records don't match. If we hadn't known about the first claim problem we wouldn't have ever realized the accounts had been mixed up! I just hope they don't mess up the medical records like they do the billing records.

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