Saturday, October 20, 2007


Lorna just finished her first show with the local Gymkhana club. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and looks forward to making this a monthly ritual. She rode the horse she's been taking lessons on for the last few months. We are hoping to eventually get her out there on her own horse after they start lessons together in a few months.

For those that don't want to wade through the link above, Gymkhana is a timed event kind of thing. Each month the local club gets together to go through 7 different events, there are a total of 13 events that alternate each month. The events involve going around poles, barrels, and over small jumps. You can go as fast or slow as you want. This particular club has a very wide age range and is very relaxed.

Lorna did great and the other members cheered her on, which made her day. She placed 2nd in 2 events, 3rd in one event, and we are awaiting the results for 2 others (technical difficulties). Not bad for her first try!


Marie N. said...

Congratulations to Lorna! Sounds like fun.

Marie N. said...

We're hearing about the fires all over the news. I hope your area is not threatened.

Kim said...

Thanks for asking.

Luckily we aren't in one of the areas affected by the fires. They are far enough away we can't even see any smoke.