Thursday, October 04, 2007

More tire problems

We've had our current tires for about 11,000 miles and they are wearing funny just like the last set and need to be replaced. We had the truck aligned so we know that's not the problem. The salesman at the tire store today asked Paul if he drove the canyon frequently. He drives that particular road to work and back 5 days a week. According to this guy the problem is the road and all the curves. The tires we have on the truck have a 50,000 miles warranty so at least we have the option of getting another set, but what good will that do if we have to replace them every 10-12,000 miles?

This whole thing is becoming more frustrating by the minute. Our first set of tires lasted 35,000 miles and would have lasted longer if the dealership who did our oil change hadn't messed up the alignment. Those tires weren't the best considering the type of driving we do, they slipped around corners and on the sandy roads we live on. This last set was supposed to be wonderful and solve all our problems but now it seems they won't work on curvy mountain roads. We are running out of options since the truck came with 20 inch wheels, stupid for a 4x4 I know.

Does anyone have any recommendations for great tires that will work on curvy mountain roads?


elephantschild said...

I ran this by my Dh, and we both wondered if the problem isn't still something with the alignment or suspension of your truck. First, not all shops do a good alignment job, even with much-touted computer alignment. Second, if the car's been aligned and it's still eating up tires, it's time to check the suspension, especially considering the curvy roads.

I know it's not news you want to hear, but if your suspension needs work, you're going to keep chewing up tires.

My dad's a mechanic and former race-car driver - and he taught me that if the tires keep failing before their time, it's not the tire's fault, usually. :)

Hope that's helpful. We've had much better luck and expertise at Sears than at tire places - don't know if that's an option for you. Also, if the tire fails before the tread wear warranty, the shop is supposed to replace it, or pro-rate you a refund based on the mileage you've already gotten on the tire.

How are they wearing funny? The pattern of uneven wear can tell you where the problem is, too.

:) Sorry to get so wordy. I hate having car troubles & wanted to try to help.

Kim said...

Thanks for the ideas.

The truck is about 16 months old and has been into the dealer a lot over the last year. The suspension was checked by both the dealer and the tire place and it's fine. The alignment was also looked at by the tire place (we didn't have it done there), it's fine too.

Sears isn't an option because they didn't want to special order the tires when I called. The place we are dealing with has no problem pro-rating the tires but I can't keep spending $200 every few months to replace the tires.

Honestly, someone came in as dh was leaving today with the same problem. They also drive the canyon regularly so it's not just us. Our tires were bald down the center (we've kept the pressure at the manufacturer's suggested level) and there was very little tread left on the inside of the tires. The outside tread, a total of 1/4 of the tire surface, was great looking. This happened on all 4 tires, not just the fronts.

We put the original tires back on the truck since we got just under 40,000 miles on them originally. The plan for next year is to buy new wheels so we can lower the size down to 17's and put more aggressive tires on in hopes that they can handle our driving better.