Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wood cutting

This was our last trip into the forest for the year. Once we got up there we were surprised to see snow all over the place including the road. We only go about 7 miles up the road from our house and we didn't get any snow.

Since there was enough snow to play in the kids spent lots of time throwing snow at each other. Malachi got the better of his sister a number of times.

Malachi also spent some time climbing the rocks next to the side of the road.

Of course it's not all fun we had to work too. Paul cut the trees down.

Lorna and Malachi brought the pieces to the wagon.

I loaded the truck.

It went really well and we ended up bringing out about 3/4 of a cord. The wagon was a last minute thought since we sometimes have a hard time carrying the wood to the truck. It worked superbly so we will use it again next year when we go back into the forest.

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