Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I'm having a blah kind of month schooling the kids. The weather turned nice, although a bit too hot for my tastes, and I just don't want to do school. The kids excitedly pull out books and want to read science, my least favorite subject, and aren't whining about finishing things up. I should be ecstatic and getting lots done, but I'm not. Instead we have done 2 abbreviated weeks with a few math drills, lots of history reading, catechism work, and science reading.

We've also played Oregon Trail for hours and I figure we are doing school since we are reading about the westward expansion right now. Legos are another favorite right now and Lorna's been sewing up a storm. So um, building/engineering and home ec, right?

The gardening is going well and we have been replanting the squash and a few of the 50 assorted tomato plants, can we call that earth science? And of course we've been reading a lot too because it's too hot to go outside during the middle of the day. So I guess we've done lots of English literature too...

I guess the days haven't been all that abbreviated after all, but it sure feels like we haven't gotten much accomplished.

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