Monday, May 14, 2007

Seven things

I was tagged by my friend Susan. I'm supposed to write seven unrelated, random, uninteresting things about myself. Trying to narrow it down might be difficult...

1. I dislike coffee, tea, and most alcoholic drinks so I primarily drink water and Diet Pepsi (3+ a day).

2. I dislike baking intensely but frequently make homemade bread.

3. Every room in our first home was a different color because I hate white walls.

4. Once I conquer a new skill, like knitting, I lose interest in it.

5. I love working outside but hate getting my hands dirty.

6. I love wearing tennis shoes and would wear them everywhere if I could.

7. I can offend someone just by looking at them, even when I don't mean to. Remember that scene in "You've Got Mail" where Meg Ryan is at the market in the cash-only line? Tom Hanks smooth-talks the cashier and as soon as he leaves the cashier scowls at Meg Ryan. That's me. No matter what I say or how I look at people, I tend to rub them the wrong way.


Susan said...

I used to like the colored walls too. But now I want light everywhere -- the whitest brightest walls I can get!

Jane said...

Number 4 is true for me, too. And you don't rub me the wrong way. :)

Marie N. said...

I love the way homemade bread smells while rising, baking and cooling. I bet your home smells great!

We have white walls in closets only around here.

Kim said...

We gave up making things too colorful because it's more difficult to sell when the paint isn't neutral. The walls in the yurt were light colored because we needed more light.

Thanks Jane! It's nice to know that not everyone picks up bad vibes :)

The baking bread does smell great, I just hate cleaning up the mess from kneading the dough. We are down to 2 loaves a week so it's not too bad. For awhile I was making 8 loaves a week, I felt like I always had dough on my hands!