Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This is why...

I dislike the tourists that frequent the area. They affect everyone and not just with their noisy dirt bikes and slow moving vehicles towing boats.

We had an appointment with the farrier this morning. He is a nice young man and seems to be good at what he does. His family owns a local cattle ranch. I much prefer for Paul to be home when he comes in case there is a problem with the horse, she can be very stubborn sometimes, and I am just not good with people. Unfortunately the farrier had to call and reschedule for tomorrow and Paul can't be here. It seems some dirt bike riders cut their fences so they could ride their bikes without having to go around. The cattle have moved through those fences onto the neighbors' properties and he has to help round them up.

It's not his fault and I totally understand the need to reschedule but I'm angry with the situation. Now these guys have to go out,round up these cows and fix the fences in the 90 degree heat. The farrier didn't sound happy with the extra work. When did people become so rude and unable to respect other people's property?

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