Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It's done!

The land line has been disconnected and we are officially a wireless household. After taxes we will save $30 a month, that's not too bad! Over the entire year we will save $360, it's amazing how quickly that adds up. Every time I think of yet another person I have to notify I just keep reminding myself of that savings.

After being without a cell phone for over a year, it's really odd to have one again. I'm used to hunting up the cordless receiver which is easy to see because it's so large. Now I'm trying to train myself to put the cell in my pocket when I go outside to hang up clothes and water.

I had to get the most obnoxious phone I could find, I think it fits my personality. At least I won't ever get it confused with Paul's which is a boring silver, perfect for trying to be professional but not much fun.


Cheryl said...

We went all wireless about a year ago. We couldn't afford a cell phone before, but by going to all cell service with two numbers we are paying about the same as we were paying for the land line & long distance before. We use one phone for home and the other for traveling (usually I have it to stay in touch with the kids if I'm out and about). We just have to be careful to stay under 1000 minutes. So far so good!


Elizabeth said...

My 13yo dd will be incredibly jealous when I tell her you have a PINK SLIVER! :)


Kim said...


If dh didn't have a phone for work this wouldn't have saved us money. His company reimburses part of his bill so we only had to add $20 in order to add my line. We had unlimited long distance on the landline and I just didn't use it enough to continue paying all the extra. He never used all his minutes so they just continued to roll over. We lowered to the 700 minute plan, since we most talk to each other we should be able to keep it well under (unlimited mobile to mobile).


Wow, I didn't even know my phone had a name!

Now I feel special, I have something a young. hip person might want :) At least for a few days, then I'll be obsolete.

elephantschild said...

Cool phone! I have to wait until NOVEMBER when our contract is up to pick out a different phone.

I want color! I wanted a Hello Kitty cover for mine, but alas, too 'spensive. Boo hoo.