Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No more library books

This morning I received an email notice from the library saying I was being fined for "badly water and chew damage". I called the number to find out what book they were talking about since it wasn't listed on the notice. I was told to call another branch since the fine didn't list any specifics. After being told that they couldn't find the book and would look for it I hung up frustrated.

They called back a few mintues later saying the book was the paperback Old Yeller that I had Paul return yesterday. When it left our hands it was in perfect shape especially considering Lorna never got a chance to read it. The library hours are 10-6 which make it difficult to get in during since we have one vehicle. I had Paul return the books early since we only had a few days till they were due and I didn't want to forget and get fined. Something obviously happened to it in the book drop and we are being held responsible. I figure a rat got to it but they don't care. The lady just kept saying that this is the chance we take by putting it in the book drop. I admit I lost my temper, yelled into the phone and slammed it down. This was the last straw in a very trying day financially.

Paul will pay the fine on his way home and this weekend I will go in to have my library card removed from the system. Honestly, I can't take the chance and check out any more books, I can't afford to pay for library-incurred damage to books. We've been using various library systems for 6 years and have never had this kind of problem but I can't take the chance that it will happen again.

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Marie N. said...

What a shame! Sounds like some hoodlum threw a drink into the book drop.

I hope you're still able to take advantage of library book sales.