Sunday, June 08, 2008

Another Dress

I've had this fabric for a couple of months but just got around to finishing the dress.

It's the same pattern as this dress with the new bodice supplement I purchased. This one closes with two drawstrings instead of buttons. I have to admit that I prefer sewing this bodice over the one with buttons; I just don't like doing buttonholes even though my machine basically does them itself.

Lorna was able to wear it to church this morning and we found that if you slouch while sitting the bottom drawstring likes to pull open. Since you are supposed to wear period correct underpinnings you don't have to worry about exposing yourself but it still looks bad. I added an hook and eye at the bottom drawstring to alleviate this problem. It also keeps the dress from opening when little brothers pull on the ties :)


Marie N. said...

She looks pleased with it and it looks like it will be cool and comfy in the heat of summer.

Jane said...


Presbytera said...

I absokutely love the pattern on the material and the sleeves look really comfortable. I admire your ability Kim.