Monday, June 16, 2008

June Gymkhana

Saturday was the last show of the season. The next season begins in September so we have 2 long months without a horse show.

Saturday had it's ups and downs. Lorna and Ginger did great overall. They got 5 first places in their division and one no time. The no time was for a broken pattern, that was the down of the day. Since Lorna had enough rides as of the last show to earn her belt buckle for the year she was able to concentrate on just having fun and improving her times and control. I know that next season she will be working on cleaning up her rides, the faster she goes the more difficult it becomes.

Malachi added to his stash of money from manure scooping and is now seriously considering the purchase of his own horse. The horse market may be soft but we haven't been able to find anything that would work for him in his price range. We are considering adopting a mustang since the kids' riding instructor also trains horses. The adoption fee added to the training fee is within his reach and he would have a great horse that would serve him for many years. We still have a bit more considering to do since we would have to build a special corral to comply with the BLM regulations.

I learned how to record videos on our digital camera but haven't been able to upload it as of yet. Our connection is too slow so Paul is gonna try it at Starbucks later today :)

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