Friday, June 20, 2008


I keep wondering how many things can go wrong in one day...

I ordered some fabric for my store back on May 12th; it shipped out 2 days later and I still haven't received it. It was coming from Canada and got lost somewhere. I called the fabric place last week and had them put a trace on the package. They promised to call back on Friday but didn't. I called Monday to see what was going on. I got a call later that day from Canada Post who asked if I had received my package. The guy was really nice and said he would let the shipper know the package was lost. I talked to the owner of the store on Wednesday who said she would be shipping out a replacement order yesterday. We decided to try UPS this time so I gave her my street address. Today I received an email from Canada Post saying they received a package for shipment. Problem! The address is the one for UPS and not the post office since they refuse to deliver here! I called the shipper again and explained the problem, they were hoping to catch the package. I'm thinking I won't be ordering from them again unless I can't find what I want anywhere else, their customer service is horrid!

Not 2 hours later I received a UPS email for a different shipment from an Ebay seller, the address was wrong! They forgot the street name. When we called UPS they said we had to contact the shipper since the package hadn't been picked up. We didn't catch them in time so I'm really hoping UPS gets it here. We are in their system for address problems, and misaddressed packages usually get here okay, but it's frustrating!

There were a few more minor hiccups today that were added in. I figure I've had my share of frustration for the month so it should get better :)

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