Monday, June 30, 2008


I thought I would post a few pictures of our garden for this year. We have a 4 x 8 raised bed and a few rows next to it.

Last year the only things that lived were the squash and zucchini plants. This year we've had a small amount of peas and a few squash with everything else still growing and really green. I have high hopes for the tomato plants, they are already bigger than last year's plants ever got. It's been really hot the last few weeks so I've been waiting for everything to die. I've been watering every two days and that seems to be sufficient while we have triple digit temps, when it was cooler I could wait another day between waterings.

If things work out well we will be adding one more 4 x 8 bed next year. Since we have to be very careful with our water usage we can only add one bed at a time until we are sure we have enough water to keep the plants alive.


Marie N. said...

Maybe part of my problem was not using raised beds in the first place.

Kim said...

We are using raised beds because there is no soil in our dirt, it's all decomposed granite. We tried adding stuff to it to make it more plant friendly but it would take too many years. The great thing about the raised bed is that I was able to mix a bunch of peat moss into the bed which retains water.

One thing I will have to do is either rotate what gets planted in each area of the bed or add lots of compost each year and mix everything thoroughly. As long as I keep adding stuff to the soil it should continue to produce just fine.

Glenda said...

Your garden looks great. I hope it continues to grows and you have a wonderfully full harvest!

Nana Porcupine said...

I learnt from my parents years ago that plants can survive with not so much watering. We had to carry all our water about 100 yards from a well. We only gave each plant one tin can full of water. This was a can size like corn or beans you buy at the store. We pounded holes in the bottom of the can with a hammer and nail and this was what I got to water the plants with. I still love watering plants to this day! I also have a raised garden and love it! You can also preserve the ground moisture by adding grass clippings or old crushed leaves over the dirt between the plants. Have fun with your garden. It looks great.