Tuesday, June 10, 2008


There is a great comfort in attending the Divine Service and knowing the liturgy being used. We found a church that we feel we can live with. We've attended a number of times but yesterday was the first time I've really felt comfortable there. The church uses different liturgy settings depending on whether they are celebrating the Lord's Supper or not. Right before we started attending, the pastor and organist decided to teach the congregation a new setting to be used on Communion Sundays. For the past couple of months they have been learning the first setting in LSB, yesterday they went back to the setting from TLH.

Even with stumbling over the changes in the confession and creed, it was so comforting to use something familiar. Instead of wondering what was coming next I was able to concentrate on the words. Since the pastor doesn't want any one setting to become rote he will be using this setting on the 2nd Sunday and the other one on the 4th Sunday with something else on the rest of the Sundays.

Since this church is still over an hour away we cannot attend every week. We've been attending twice a month, on Communion Sundays, and I can now look forward to the 2nd Sunday of each month.

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Presbytera said...

I am very happy to hear this -- I know what a joy it must be for you and Paul!