Thursday, June 05, 2008


We all have our passions, things that we believe really strongly in and want to share with others. Over the years I've learned that instead of telling people you know the answer to their needs you can only offer what has worked for you. You offer it without making any assumptions about whether it will work for them or if it is the best course of action in their particular situation. You don't denigrate their current practices and dismiss what others have found that works.

We all have differing resources and abilities. The perfect solution for one person isn't going to necessarily work for another. Assuming that there is only one solution is naive at best.

Those of you on Loopers understand what I'm talking about. I have to say that I'm happy I finally said something and I now know for sure that I'm not alone :)


muddyboots said...

Now you're making me miss Loopers....

Glenda said...

No Kim you're not alone. And I have learned too, that most times, the "fix-it" hat should not be worn, especially on an email list. On such a list, we can't see what all the other factors are in any given home which may or may not give us better insight into their perspective and suggestions for making it all better.

There that sounds clear as mud, huh?

Thanks for speaking up though. I think that too often too many of us on the list, just delete and move on instead of giving other points of view, which adds to the discussion. I think there use to be more of that.

Karen said...

I really appreciated it when everyone took the Crunchy Cons discussion off-list. I also tend to delete most of the healthy living types of posts, unless I'm really interested. There is no way that I can afford to feed 9 people organic-grass fed meat, organic vegetables, whole grain cereals, raw milk and other healthy choices. It's not in my budget or my stress level.

The people who are able to do all those things have my admiration. At the end of the day though, I'm happy if most of our meals have been home-cooked and everyone has had several servings of fruit and vegetables. The stress of doing all the "right things" is too much for me.

I appreciate your speaking out and providing another point of view.