Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Here is one of the many things going around the blogosphere. I was tagged by Cheryl so here it goes.

Personal Style Quiz Rules: You have to choose one of the two. You cannot answer "neither" or "both." You can indicate that you like both or neither, but you must state a preference.

Animal fiber or plant? Plant, I don't know that I own much of anything that is made of animal fiber.

Natural or synthetic? Natural

Ornate or simple? Simple. I like ornate stuff but I feel most comfortable in simple.

Color or neutral? Color. I love lots of color, it makes up for m grumpy personality.

Pastel or vibrant? Vibrant, although I have a difficult time finding things that I like that are vibrant.

Blue/green or red/orange? Blue/green only because I'm not a huge fan of orange. I like red though.

White gold or yellow gold? White gold, most everything I wear is silver so yellow gold just doesn't match well.

Gems or texture? How do theses two things go together? I guess if I have to choose it would be texture.

Watch or no-watch? No watch although I collected watches for many years. I have watches and enjoy wearing them but can't keep up with the battery changes :)

Comfort or fashion? Comfort, I couldn't care less what anyone else is wearing as anyone who sees me can immediately tell!

Trendy or classic? Classic

Cables or lace? Cables cause I can't stand lace. Lace is itchy and reminds me of the 80s.

Heels or flats? Flats, I can't walk in heels.

Flip-flops or sandals? Sandals, although I only have flip-flops at the moment cause I can't find any comfy sandals.

Skirts or pants? Pants except for church.

Geometric or floral? Do I really have to choose? It would really depend on the floral, I don't want to look like I raided some old lady's closet. I guess floral.

V-neck or turtle-neck? Either/both. If it's cold I'll wear a turtle-neck but right now I would prefer a v-neck. I'm not picky I can wear just about anything.

Skulls or butterflies? Butterflies

Loose or snug? Loose, I like to be comfortable.

Long hair or short? Long, right now it's to my waist and hasn't been cut for 3 years or so. I've cut it short a number of times but I always hate it.

Headbands or barrettes? Barrettes if I can find ones that won't break. I have too much hair and can't usually find ones that work. I usually use rubber bands.

Shoulder bag or handbag? Shoulder bag, I like to have my hands free.

Thanks for tagging me Cheryl! I have a blog post and I didn't even have to think up a subject.

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