Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well driller bids

Getting bids shouldn't be so difficult. There is one well driller in our valley, we called him and asked for a bid and a few hours later we received it. In my opinion it was a bit high but not totally out of line.

We called another driller that advertises in our local phone book. He was too busy to really help us but quoted an approximate price twice that of the bid we already have. His price was around $30,000 for a 400 ft well. That didn't include all the pumping equipment either.

Today we finally got in contact with the driller that the pump guy recommended. He was $11 more per foot than the first driller. That's $3300 more for just the drilling. He also charges over $1000 for mobilization. He hasn't gotten us a written bid yet but what he said over the phone means he is $5000 more than our first quote.

At this rate I'm wondering if this is even going to work. The maximum amount the non-profit can guarantee is $8000 but the woman we talked to felt confident she could find an additional $7000 through other programs they work with. Even if she can find enough, can we afford the payments? Maybe the best we can do is pray for rain and a miracle.

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