Sunday, July 22, 2007


As I've posted before we are not a very scheduled household. The kids don't have set times for bed or getting up. Paul's day job is very flexible allowing him to set his day. Sometimes he won't leave until late morning because of phone calls and emails that need to be done first thing. I think all of this is about to change.

Paul starts his new 2ND job tonight. He will be working 10pm - 7am 4 nights a week. I realized today how hard of an adjustment it's going to be for all of us. Poor guy tried to sleep this afternoon but just couldn't, I'm thinking that this won't be a problem after tonight. The plan is for him to sleep from lunch till a late dinner. It should give him 6-7 hours on the days he works at both places. I'm sure the other days will find him sleeping at any hour he can.

I feel truly blessed to have a husband who believes so strongly that I need to be home that he is willing to work 2 jobs. I know this is an odd thing in today's society where women are expected and encouraged to work outside the home.

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