Thursday, July 19, 2007

Well idea put to rest

After fighting with various well drillers and now the pump guy about getting bids, the idea of putting in a new well has been put to rest.

I just don't know how anyone gets financing for wells around here, no one want to give you an estimate. We received a perfect driller bid yesterday but the pump guy's office won't give us a bid until the well is put in. Um, how can we make sure the financing is enough without an estimate? The people who loan out the money won't even consider an application without a bid so it must not be impossible to get one. We were told it would probably be around $5000 for them to connect everything up. We want to reuse everything that is in our current well and it's still $5000?!? Then it was mentioned we would be REQUIRED to put in a 3500 gallon storage tank with a fire department nozzle. We aren't required to have one now so why would a new well need that? And of course that is not included in the $5000 price tag. At this point we are talking about $25,000+ just to get a new well put in to 300 feet. If you break down the total cost by foot it's around $85/foot. Just the driller's cost alone is $50/foot.

I guess we will just have to limp along here and pray for rain, lots of rain, lots and lots of rain...

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