Tuesday, July 10, 2007

News sure travels

Paul was stopped on the way to work this morning by a guy that lives a few streets over. He said he had heard our well wasn't doing well. His response to the news was, "Didn't you know the well was slow?" Well duh! We knew and had the storage tank installed to guards against this problem. Of course it doesn't matter that the well has been serving our needs just fine for over 9 months. In his mind I guess we were foolish to have a well that's slow in production. We went to Tractor Supply yesterday to pickup a water tank for the back of the truck. While there we met a really nice lady who lives in the mountains around us. She mentioned that her well is really slowing down, as is her neighbors'. There is some comfort in knowing that we aren't alone and that it isn't just bad planning on our part.

The same guy that asked about the well also told Paul that people have been complaining about our dogs barking. Since the majority of the time that they bark is in response to the ones down the hill we made sure to mention that. I've been working on going out to quiet them down over the past few weeks. There have been many times the barking is because of the coyotes that live in the boulders above our property or because of the neighbors' dogs that are running loose. I'd be more concerned about the noise if it was frivolous or if we weren't woken up by dirt bikes,loud parties, and ATVs at all hours of the night. At least our dogs only bark during the day!

We did have some good news yesterday. Paul was able to secure a second job working graveyard at Vons. We are relieved because we need the extra income to help make ends meet. The well driller's estimate of $15,000 means it will take over 2 years of saving but at least we will have the ability to save!

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