Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ways to conserve water

Here are the ways in which we've thought of how to conserve.

1. Flush only when necessary

2. Catch the washer water as it drains to use in the toilet

3. Get wet, turn off water, soap up, then rinse in the shower

4. Plug the bathtub when showering so the water can be bailed out for the garden

5. Turn off the faucet while washing hands and teeth

6. Wait to use the bathroom when going out

7. Use a wash tub for the dishes so the water can be used outside or in the toilet

I think we can get our usage down to 50 gallons a day with the horse and dogs drinking a large part of that. We already only do full loads of laundry, have a low flow shower head and toilet, and use the other ordinary ways to conserve. If you have any other extreme ways to conserve I'd love to hear them.


elephantschild said...

"If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down!"

:) I knew someone who had a sign posted in their bathroom with that verse.

Mumme Mom said...

I'm thinking this idea you've already thought of, and didn't list because you don't get enough where you live. But, anyway, jic, my mom has a big barrel under the drain spout to catch the rain water for plants/garden/etc. I admire your tenacity to buckle down and do what you must. Let us know how these tips help or don't.

Kim said...

Part of what has gotten us into this situation is the lack of rain, we haven't had anything for about 3 months. I wish we had the option of catching out of the downspouts. I guess we would need rain gutters along with rain :)

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

These are great ideas! I'm really enjoying your blog! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Karin said...

I once had a sobering conversation about water consumption. My husband does the let the water dribble and 'conserve' water to take a shower. He adjusts the water. I take a very quick shower and don't adjust. So.....I took a poll on Sonlight and the result was an answer from China that they have certain days which they are allowed to use water for bathing/washing etc but can't every day. Makes you stop and think about how we use in America.