Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's Here!!!

I honestly didn't think the 7Th Harry Potter book was gonna make it here in time. I talked to UPS this morning after picking up the mail because the shipment wasn't there. They guaranteed it would be delivered by 6pm which would have done us little good since the post office is only open until 2pm. Actually it's not technically open, you can only pick up packages. After watching the computer anxiously all morning I gave up and decided to drive into town to talk to the person manning the window. The UPS driver was pulling away as we turned the corner so I was pretty sure he had delivered. I hope everyone else in town who ordered gets there in time to pick it up. Luckily they just extended the hours until 2, it used to be 1. If that was still the case everyone would have had a whopping 15 minutes to pick the book up!

Unlike many I won't get to sit and read it straight through. All four of us wanted it first so we decided to be fair and do it as a read aloud. As soon as Paul is off work this afternoon we will start. I'm hoping we can get through it quickly because I hate waiting and have no patience, usually I end up reading the ending of a book somewhere near the middle because I just can't wait to finish!

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Jane said...

Don't read the ending first! It's worth the wait to read the whole thing.

The first wave read it yesterday. (Bethany, Patrick, & I) And the reast are reading it now.