Monday, June 04, 2007

Clothing for girls

Yesterday, after trying yet another church, we decided to head over to Walmart before coming home. We don't have a Walmart in our valley so I don't get to go very often. We needed napkins and I wanted a bag of chips to go with the chicken we were having for lunch.

Since we were already there I thought we should look for some shorts for Lorna. She's outgrown the ones we bought last summer and really wants a few pairs since the temperatures have been climbing into the high 90s and even reaching 100 lately. What we found was frustrating. All the shorts were really short and tight. They didn't seem to have any of the shorts that I remember buying as a kid, the kid that were not form fitting and came down to just above your knee.

Last year we had a difficult time finding shorts too. We ended up buying ones that were labeled "school shorts". They were made so they would conform to school dress codes but could be altered on the weekends to be shorter. This year we haven't been able to find anything even remotely like that within our small budget. So I guess I'll have to go through the fabric we have here and make her some. I really enjoy sewing but can't seem to find enough time to even finish what I have cut out, let alone start a new project!


Cheryl said...

Kim, I share your frustration at finding classic-style clothing for girls. The difficulty in doing so is one reason I often end up shopping for my daughter's clothes on Ebay (I can't sew well enough to make her any). Today's styles are just so icky! I even have a hard time finding pants for myself that aren't low-ride & flare leg! I'll be glad when this latest fashion craze is over and we return to normal (ha)!

Jane said...

It is so frustrating! Bethany's old enough now that we don't need to worry about it any more, but I used to hate having to shop for clothes for her.

Send me an email and let me know what Lorna's size is. We may have some things around here that would work for her.