Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well problems

I'm trying really hard to be calm and not weep uncontrollably.

We have no water. Everything was fine this morning and then nothing. There is power to the pump but it's just sitting there not even trying to pump water. The best guess is that the pump is dead. It took a few hours but we finally got in touch with the well pump place in town and they are going to be here within an hour. I'm hoping they have some kind of payment plan because we don't have much saved and we don't use credit cards.

Of course my mom and stepfather will be arriving here for their visit at the same time and I'm out of chocolate! I keep telling myself to breathe deeply and relax but it's not working...


Presbytera said...

You can be out of gas, water, funds and milk but never, never, never let the chocolate level reach empty.

Life's not worth living otherwise : )

Cheryl said...

Oh Kim, I'm so sorry to hear about this setback. Running water from the faucet is just something I take for granted. This has got to be truly discouraging.

And I also won't say that I know how you're feeling right now wrt to the level of frustration and exhaustion you are facing. I know times in my life when I have been utterly frustrated and overwhelmed and exhausted so I think I can empathize but I am not in your shoes living your ife so I won't pretend to fully understand. I will just send you a big e-hug and speak a prayer for mercy. I truly hope this situation is quickly resolved and that the expense is not too great. Let us know what happens.

Kim said...

Thanks for the comments, e-hug and prayer. They helped tremendously!