Friday, June 29, 2007

More well problems

The guys came out to "fix" our problem only to find a new one.

The pump isn't filling the tank because there is no water in the well at the level with the pump. Best case scenario is that the pump was only dropped part way into the well and all they need to do is add a few lengths of pipe. Worse case is that the well needs to be drilled lower. Absolute worst case is that a whole new well needs to be drilled.

We won't know anything until Monday morning when the workmen come back to pull the pump out of the well. At that point they will be able to determine the actual depth of the well. Right now, using the sonar equipment, they say there is water at 150 feet. Since most of the wells around here are deeper than that (300-600 feet) I hope it's the first scenario.

Otherwise we are gonna have to learn to be even more careful with our water usage and our chances of ever selling this place are frightening...

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elephantschild said...

Awww, bummer. I'm really sorry, Kim.