Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well and Stuff

The problems with the well are almost resolved. The guys came out and fiddled with the wiring, which we were informed was substandard, and found that it was "only" a switch. It turns out the saver switch was turning the well off before it could fill the tanks. Our 2500 gallon tank was almost empty, so this has been going on for some time. Of course we found out this evening that the float wasn't hooked back up properly and the storage tank isn't filling up at all. Tomorrow Paul will have to call them back out to finish the work.

The cost wasn't as much as it could of been but it was still a bunch. Luckily our son has enough saved that we can borrow and pay back over the next six months or so.

Along with the well excitement my mom and stepfather arrived for their visit. We will be picking up my grandmother next week since she is going back to Washington with them.

We had another visitor this afternoon as well.

Malachi ran in while I was cooking dinner to tell us that there was another rattlesnake under the deck. In the above picture you can see the rake Paul used to pull it out from under the deck.

Here you can see what happened to it after it was pulled out. I hate to kill these things but it's too dangerous leaving them around. The kids run around with the dogs and cats and don't always keep a sharp eye out. Since all 3 of the snakes we've found recently have been in the same area under the deck I think we may have a nest under the house. Not a very comforting thought!

Life is never dull around here. Someday maybe I'll get a few days in a row without excitement...


Melynda Hoffman said...


Marie N. said...

woah, that was a big one!

If there is not a nest under the house, just new snakes moving in, perhaps there is something that can make the environment there less appealing to them?

elephantschild said...

Oh, icky. Glad you got him. So sorry about the well frustrations.

Sometime I'll blog about my snake stories...

Presbytera said...

Oy vay! Glad them thar critters don't live in OH. Also glad that the well problems weren't as bad as first thought.

Sometimes being a pessimist pays off : )

debbieha said...

Man you guys live a very "on the GRID life,"
Wolves & Snakes OH MY!!!!!!

Be careful do you think they are showing up more because of the heat? I use to have a pet California King snake named macramae we lost her behind the kitchen cabinets and one year when my parents were remodeling we found her skin... my mother was not happy!