Monday, June 11, 2007

Garden Update

We had this visitor today.

Lorna found him while watering the neighbor's property. He's been making holes at the base of her rose bushes, which the neighbor is not happy about, so Lorna brought him home so he could live with the one who hangs out in front of our house. We have too many bugs and pests for just one toad to handle so the reinforcements should be good.

Here is the view of some of the front squash plants.

This is the one we have been talking to in hopes that the squash will mature faster.

This is the tub where I'm experimenting with square foot gardening. The melon plants are doing wonderfully but the peas have been struggling. Even the bush beans haven't been doing all that well. Next time I'm going to ditch the tub and put all the soil into a wooden raised bed. We have pallets that we've been scrounging so that we can start that in the fall.

These are some of the squash plants in back of the house. These limped along at first which explains why they are so much smaller than the front ones. Now they have been taking off and producing their own flowers. We had a couple of stray pea plants shoot up here, they also didn't do well as you can see.

These are a few of the tomato plants we got out of all those seedlings. We have about 3 green zebras, 2 pearsons, and 15 grape tomato plants going. We do have about 5 or so that we aren't sure about since the seeds got mixed up. We lost a lot when we replanted them and have continued to lose a few every week. The heat was unexpectedly bad for a few days after replanting and some just didn't take root. The loses have finally tapered off and I think we may only lose one or two more.

All in all, it wasn't a bad first try in this new area. We have a lot more work to do on the soil. I need to add a lot more peat moss and compost before next year but I'm not too disappointed with the results. There is always next year ...

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