Friday, June 08, 2007

Healthier eating

I know that this subject has been beat to death on the Loop (Lutheran homeschooling list) but we've been working on trying to get healthier over the last few years. I reached a new milestone this week, I've finally cut back to 2 sodas a day and I've increased the amount of water I'm drinking to about 100 ounces a day.

We started cutting back on processed food awhile ago. We no longer eat boxed Mac & Cheese, which was a staple in our diet. I gave up buying store bread about 5 months ago when I had bread that didn't mildew for over a month, it really made me wonder what we were eating! Today I'm making my first batch of wheat bread. Up until now I've only made white since it was the cheapest thing to make. I was able to pick up 5lbs of wheat flour last week when I was at Walmart. As much as I dislike Super Walmart I do miss shopping there, we were able to eat a whole lot healthier. We have 2 partially finished stores that have been sitting for over 2 years while they go through court battles over the environmental impact of the stores.

I also made up a batch of granola this week, which is now gone. I used to make it on a regular basis a number of years ago but fell out of the habit with all the moves. One more thing I've been able to do is make sure we are all eating at least one serving of fruit or veggies a day. It doesn't sound like much but it's a start. That will increase to two or more servings once the garden stuff starts to ripen. It looks like we will only have 2 types of squash, lettuce, and tomatoes. The bean plants have all started to die without producing more than 2 beans a piece :( I think it's the heat.

I'm trying to decide what we can do next. I've looked into buying raw milk but at $12 a gallon there is no way we can even buy one gallon a month. More fruit may be the next step if I can find a decent place to get it.


Presbytera said...

I applaud you Kim for making the change to healthier eating. It seems unbelievable that in CA you can't find fruit that is inexpensive. It seems like all of our fruit comes from somewhere else.

Kim said...

I think the cost of fruits and such are a reflection of the higher costs to run a business. The property expenses, wages, utilities, etc are so much higher than most other places in the country that this is reflected in the cost of products. We noticed everything was so much cheaper when we left CA and went to IN. The move from IN to CO raised things somewhat. The move back here raised most things again but some things, like milk, are cheaper than CO. That had a lot to do with where we lived in CO. Importing stuff to the Western Slope was expensive because there was nothing for the truckers to leave with.