Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Light Reading

This is one of my favorite times of the year.

As frustrated as I was last time I ordered I still look forward to receiving the Rainbow Resource catalog in the mail. I will spend the next few months looking through almost every page, dreaming of everything I would love to order. I will make out one large list, add up the total, pick myself up off the floor and start to selectively cull items that I would love but can't afford. It will literally take me months to get the list down to an amount I can afford. I don't actually order until October or November. By then the worst backorders will be over and they will have most things back in stock.

It never fails that at least one thing will take months and months to get here. The worst backorder we've experienced was 10 months but that was a publisher problem. Hopefully this time I won't have shipping problems like I did last time. I've decided that as much as I enjoy ordering online, it's too difficult with our address problem, so I will go back to calling in the order and repeating all those pesky item numbers.

Since I haven't decided which math program we are going to, the timeliness of the arrival of the new catalog will allow me to peruse what is currently available from them. Just as an aside, it has now been over a week since I emailed the MUS rep with questions about the classic curriculum and I have yet to get a response. *Sigh* In all but the rarest cases, good customer service is a dead art.

I'm off to find a chair and curl up with my new best friend!


Melynda Hoffman said...

As soon as I clicked on this I burst out laughing. I just got mine too. It's so awkward to look through but I can't stop...just one more page...all the bookmarked pages... :)

Cheryl said...

No fair! Mine hasn't come yet!

Marie N. said...

Your method is very, very familiar to me!