Sunday, June 17, 2007


Our little valley is getting a Starbucks! It's not a free-standing one, it's in the Vons, but it's still a shock. I hate coffee so it doesn't affect me much. Since it's in the Vons I'm assuming it's trying to cater to the tourists, most full-time residents shop at the locally owned markets. The only reason we found out was because I really wanted ice cream and the Rite Aid was closed so we were forced to shop at Vons.

I'm really hoping that it doesn't affect the little locally owned coffee shop down the street from Vons. It's owned by a non-denom pastor and his wife. They are super nice and sell their stuff a lot less than Starbucks does. Paul was given a pound of Columbian coffee that needed to be ground. He stopped by the local store and they were happy to grind it for him! There is no way Starbucks would do something like that.


Presbytera said...

Hmmmm. I guess a visitor who liked Starbucks would be happy to visit both of them to support the local job market.

Still dreaming of visiting out west.....

Kim said...

If you ever decide to fulfill those dreams of visiting out West let me know!!!