Friday, September 07, 2007

A chemise and flat felled seams

I've been working on a pattern I received from Sense and Sensibility last week. I purchased both the underthings pattern and the regency gown pattern for Lorna. I thought it would make more sense to start with the chemise since it goes under the dress. I'm really hoping that it looks better on than it does off. Right now it looks about 5 sizes too big. I measured her 3 times before deciding on a size and the arms should fit perfectly but the rest looks too big. It's possible it's supposed to be really loose since the pattern calls for a drawstring around the neckline.

The pattern had a gusset that goes underneath the sleeves. I couldn't picture how this was going to work so I just followed the pattern one tiny step at a time. The whole thing is so neat looking!

The most tedious and frustrating part of the pattern in the flat felled seams. The result is really nice but it seems like such a waste of time for something that goes under a dress. I just keep thinking that this is the reason I own a serger! When I do another one I'm going to see if I can figure out how to finish the seams on the serger and save myself a lot of time and frustration.

Once I finish the neck and hem I'll post a picture on Lorna 2 (the duct tape dummy).


Faith said...

Yes! The chemise is supposed to be huge. Think old-fashioned nightgown. I'm not too up on my Regency dressing, but I know in Tudor dress, the chemise is rather huge. Over that goes the corset (I love corsets). That takes care of any bulge you get from the chemise. Of course, if it's for a little girl, they don't wear corsets. Their clothes are supposed to be a bit more free-flowing.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, cool! That explains the neat sleeve. Now I can't wait to see what else you sew.