Friday, September 21, 2007


We have had internet problems this week, first our dish couldn't get a lock on the satellite and then the power was out. Today I have cause to hope that we will have more problems.

Those are clouds! We've had rain the past 2 nights and we have hope for more today and tomorrow. It's amazing how much you appreciate the smell of rain when you haven't had any since last year. We had one or two small snow storms at the beginning of this year but we hadn't had any rain until 2 nights ago.

The kids and I even went outside yesterday evening and washed the truck in the rain. I figured we might as well take advantage of the water!

Along with the rain has come chilly temperatures. It's amazing the difference the colder weather has made in my outlook. The oppressive summer heat seems to be finished for the year. Even before this storm moved in, the temps were down in the low 80s and we all seemed to have more energy. Now the temps are in the 60s and we are all enjoying it immensely! I'm hoping that we will have no further reason to wear shorts this year.

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