Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sundays are the hardest day for me. I get up in the morning feelings like I'm missing something and of course I am missing something, church.

We are still searching but haven't got past the calling stage. The problem is getting calls back. We have finally given up on one church, Paul's left 3 messages over the last 6 weeks. He explained each time that we are looking for a church for our family and he had a few questions. We called another church 1.5 weeks ago. The answering machine said the pastor only picks up the messages on Sunday so we were prepared for a little bit of a wait but were hoping for a call sometimes this past week. The last church we called only had a generic message so we think it was the church but we aren't totally sure. All of these places are over an hour away so we need to verify service times and make sure they use a hymnal before we drive all the way there.

This would be funny if it wasn't so important.

Paul has been working almost 40 hours at the grocery store at night so I'm very limited on the amount of time I have access to the truck. He got home this morning at 8:20 so any church we try has to be late enough that I have enough time to drive there. So far that hasn't been a problem since we can't even get one to call us back and most places have service times of 9:30 or later. Maybe next week we will have better luck, Paul is off next Sunday so at least I don't have to worry about drive time.


Karin said...

Hmmmm.....can one of the Loopers give insight to this problem? Help find a church that is. I guess hopping around would work as I am sure you have tried. I can't imagine and I am sorry you have to. Will pray for a solution for you and yours.

Kim said...

Thanks Karin

This has been an ongoing problem but I think I've finally just come to my wit's end. We have found 2 possibilities, one that mostly has closed communion (long story) and one that looks very promising but is about 1.5-2 hours away. The latter one is only 60 miles away but we would have to go through the mountains so the drive would be long.

I miss IN where there were a number of solid churches within an easy drive!