Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Reevaluating our schedule

As I was looking at other people's blogs and such it made me realize how little fun stuff we do for school. When we first started hsing we did fun projects like paper mache and crafty stuff. Over the years that stuff has gradually been replaced by just getting through the day. In an effort to introduce a little more fun and creativity into our school time I've decided to take Fridays off for projects.

This week we will just do some coloring and salt dough. I have all these worksheet books left over from teaching and Lorna is interested in trying a few. It doesn't sound like all that much fun to me but she's excited. The sheets involve solving equations, coloring the figures, then cutting them out to make 3d shapes. Malachi is on a painting kick right now so he wants to make salt dough figures and paint them. I've ordered a book on volcanoes from the library for next week.

One of the things I always see people suggest to moms just starting out hsing is the idea of going on field trips or to the park or the library. We used to do those things. I miss being able to pick up and drive to a museum or the library but having only one vehicle in the family doesn't allow that. The one thing the kids remember with great fondness about living in IN were the times we drove to Chicago to go the Field Museum. They still talk about those trips. It makes me feel guilty that we can't do those kinds of things here. I'm hoping that these Friday project days will help to brighten up our school days.

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Marie N. said...

Hi Kim, That sounds like a great way to get into some other things that are less stressful -- or even stress relieving for them. The painting and the building 3d objects sound great. Last year I didn't make time for my daughter's favorite subject, art, and I do regret it.

This year it is still her favorite, and art time is built into every week. She is learning to use watercolor paints. Before we started our school year she did begin her art lessons on her own.