Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Duct tape dummy

One of the most frustrating things with sewing is trying to fit things so they look good on our bodies. The patterns are a good general guideline but as Lorna grows I'm having more trouble getting things to fit well. I gave up sewing for myself a long time ago because the outfit never looked quite right once I had it finished. I looked into dress forms but found them to be a bit pricey. So I decided to take instructions I found here and I would try to make one out of duct tape.

Since I used the freebie instructions I had to kind of wing it as to how to place the tape so it didn't wrinkle too much. I'm pleased with how it turned out and it should make sewing for Lorna that much easier. Since it came out so well I'm going to have Paul tape me up next so that I can attempt to sew something for myself!


debbie said...

wow! cool! how do you get the duct tape off the body? :o~

elephantschild said...

I've heard of doing this, but really doubted if it actually works! I'm glad to hear that it *does* work. Now to convince my Dh to help tape me up... I think he's going to be Rather Doubtful!

Kim said...

In order to get the tape off we cut it straight up the back. With a little pulling the tape slid off the arms. After it was off and on the base I taped up the back before stuffing it. I made sure to take measurements of the bust, waist, and hips before we taped so that the stuffing was as accurate as possible.

After it was stuffed I put an additional layer of tape over the whole thing so there is no chance of the cut area poping open.

I'm worried about the tape coming loose as I fit clothing so I'm going to make a cover for it using some stretch material I've been moving from house to house, I'll use up the material and have an excuse to buy some more fabric :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim!

Lorna looks like she's in some sort of Science Fiction type Star Trek uniform from the 1960's that is supposed to be Futuristic!

The dummy turned out well!

Missing you all!