Monday, April 02, 2007

Catching up

Weekends are always very busy with projects that need to be finished. We worked outside for two days and I have the wounds to prove it.

One of the big projects for this weekend was to expand the horse's enclosure. She had enough room but we all wanted her to have more.

She is now a happy horse as you can see.

Here is the shelter we built last week.

This is the expansions of her pen. She's not all that sure about the added room. She loves the grass but still spends much of her time in her original area.

I thought I would also take a few pictures of our gardens and the few green plants that we have.

Here is the garden that we recently relocated closer to the house. It's about 30 feet by 5 feet.

This is the newer garden that we have started to get ready for planting. We need a bit more compost and dirt added before we run the rototiller over the section again.

As you can see one pot of bush beans and peas have sprouted and are almost ready to be replanted into the garden. Below that I have my tomato seeds started. I put them on the top of the well house during the day to take advantage of the heat from the metal roof.

Finally I have a picture of one of the pots that have sunflowers started in them. They too are almost ready to be replanted.

My biggest question is do I have enough garden space? I really want to plant a bunch more but I'm running out of space. Most of our soil is hard-packed decomposed granite, not really suitable for planting veggies in. We are working small sections with fertilizer (the horse is good for something!) and decomposed green matter. I've also found a couple of areas on the property that have dark, rich earth that we are relocating to various plots, but it's really hard work to move all that dirt across the small ravine we have running down the middle of the property.

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Marie N. said...

Sure signs of spring!

I remember my mom paying for four large bags of horse manure each spring. She also made her own fish emulsion for certian plants -- :-x I won't be doing that!