Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I very happily got a reprieve from my secluded life yesterday.

Lorna had yet another useless doctor's appointment in Los Angeles. It was exceedingly frustrating and we were given an appointment for a clinic they hold for her condition. They want us to meet with all the doctors together along with a psychologist. I didn't feel that we had the option of refusing given the way it was phrased. The doctor also wants us to get involved in a family support group and completely belittled my concern that this group meets over 3 hours from where we live. With one car and the expense of driving that far I was more than a little annoyed with his assumptions about what we are capable of doing. The appointment was a waste of time since we have to have an outpatient procedure done before he can even talk about where to go from here.

The happy part of the trip was that we made a stop with some friends that live a little ways from where her doctor is. I get so caught up with life here that I sometimes forget that life "outside" can bring so much joy. Our quick stop became dinner and then eventually we ended up staying the night. I've missed seeing our friends over the past few months as necessity has dictated we curtail our trips in that direction. It was nice to be able to laugh and forget about everything here for a few hours.

Once in awhile I am reminded that there are great benefits to living here!

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