Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Additions

I know this will probably not surprise many of you but we got 2 more dogs. What is surprising is that they are small dogs. Up until now our smallest dog was a border collie. These two only go up to my knees when they stand on their back legs.

We had talked about getting another dog before we lost Esther but not this soon. Paul decided that now was the time to do it so he surprised us at the end of last week. When we had to renew the licensing of the other dogs a few weeks ago we spent a good amount of time at the county shelter. We were unimpressed with the way it was run, many of the dogs were tightly packed 4+ to a kennel and we saw a number of people leave disappointed and empty handed when they were told that the vast majority of the dogs were waiting to be processed so they weren't available for adoption. Many of these animals were over the 5 day time frame promised by the facility and had been there for a week or more. To top it off the adoption fees were really high. I guess it's not surprising that our county facilities have been in trouble with the state in the last few years.

We found that there was a no-kill rescue facility in the area. Paul went down there and found these two who were being housed together. We all stopped by on our way to Lorna's doctor appointment last week. I was impressed by the size of there runs, the cleanliness of the place, and the staff. The dogs all looked well taken care of and happy. They have about 100 dogs at any given time.

At this point I'm glad Paul took it upon himself to bring them home. He couldn't bear the thought of leaving one behind so he adopted both, the owner was so pleased she waved some of the fees which weren't much too bad to begin with. We took them to the vet yesterday who checked them out and said they looked great. They have been quiet and well behaved and are so much fun to have around. I've always wanted an indoor dog and Hannah, our chocolate lab, is house trained. She just likes to be outside most of the day playing with her buddies and only comes in at night. These two little dogs love to curl up next to you while you sit and relax.

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