Thursday, April 26, 2007

Water Heater Woes

During my morning shower I noticed the water wasn't very warm. We have had the pilot on the water heater go out a couple of times in the last 6 months so I figured all I needed to do was relight it. After my shower, while the oil was heating up for fried yeast bread, I tried to relight it. I held down the silly red button but it wouldn't stay lit. Over the next hour Paul and I tried, said lots of unrepeatable words, and managed to get it lit for a few minutes. It went out again. I finally realized that it's dead.

I looked at prices of new water heaters online and decided we can live with cold water. As serious as I was Paul refused. So we broke down and called our propane company for suggestions. They suggested we try replacing the thermocoupler. The part is relatively inexpensive and will probably solve the problem. Since $10 sounds much better than $250 we are gonna give it a try. They offered to repair it for us for $60 but since we found an article explaining how to do it we decided to try ourselves. If this doesn't work I guess we will have to replace the whole tank because I seem to be the only one willing to go without hot water.

Edit: Well it worked and the part was less than $10! It was very simple to replace and we can put off purchasing a new water heater for the time being...

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Marie N. said...

Hooray! I'm glad you thought to call the gas company. I don't think it would have occurred to me.