Saturday, April 07, 2007


My dog died this morning. She was fine when I got up at around 8 and when Malachi went out to feed the dogs an hour later she was gone. We figure she must have died in her sleep. She hadn't been sick and I'm glad she didn't suffer. She was only 7 so it was completely unexpected. We adopted her from the animal shelter right after we bought our first home. Malachi was only 3 and even as a puppy she was a large dog.

From the very first she was my dog. We got her for the kids but she just latched onto me. She was fiercely loyal as she showed when defending us from a large snake in Colorado; keeping the kids well away while her and her buddy killed the 4 foot long gopher snake.

She was much larger than the "medium-sized" dog that the shelter told us she would become, but all that size was heart. She would yodel to get our attention if we were outside, I will miss that sound every time I walk outside. She was deeply loved by all of us and will be greatly missed.


Susan said...

Oh, Kim, I'm sorry.

Marie N. said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. My Dad's dog, his companion, (he's a widower) is very elderly and ill. We will be having these hard days here too soon.