Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yet another attempt

So far all my attempts at gardening have failed. First the squirrels then the birds were against me. Then the rows I had set out behind the house failed, I think the ground was just too hard and the cats loved to dig in it. Then the plot of lettuce I started was attacked by birds. And finally the pots have recently come under attack by yet more birds.

So here is my next attempt, square foot gardening. I have a request out for the book from the library and I have started by using instructions I found on the web.

I transplanted all the seeds I had started that the birds had not stolen. I even scavenged some of the little plants and seeds from the back garden. I have hopes that this will work. I even got some information on how to fix our soil in the places that I want to garden in. The only thing I have left to do is cover the tub with chicken wire before the little birds find it!

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