Tuesday, April 24, 2007


As I was planting a couple of the tomato seeds that had sprouted in my latest attempt using a wet paper towel in a plastic bag, I found this in my plastic containers.

I am so excited! It seems they only needed a few more days in front of the fire. Now I have to get a bigger area ready. The one package said the germination rate was 60% but it looks like it was more like 80%. I'm not complaining since there are 3 different varieties and we use lots and lots of tomatoes. I just hope I can keep them happy indoors until they are ready to be transplanted.

Luckily we are past the danger of frost and it is supposed to stay in the high 70s to low 80s over the next week so I am hopeful that most will survive.


Marie N. said...

I am so eager to get out and plant!

The lettuce I started in the basement window has germinated. The beans did not.

We have five days of rain forcasted. By the time the soil is dry enough to plant again it will be time.

Marie N. said...

I forgot to ask which three kinds of tomatoes?
I like to eat romas but they have not done well for me.

Kim said...

We have pearsons which I picked because it does well in hot regions, riesentraube because Lorna loves these little tomatoes and it's supposed to have good yields, and green zebra because the seed catalog included them free with my order :) I'm really curious about the green ones, I've never seen a green tomato before.

I tried romas also but the little sprouts didn't do anything. They are still sitting in a pot not getting any bigger. That was from my first try so I think our last cold spell did them in.